NextGen user engagement technology

Google delivers Ads after learning user-intent. similarly,
tapCLIQ pioneers in delivering all in-app/website marketing & engagement based on learning from user-intent.

Conversational engagement that is intelligent

tapCLIQ is pioneering a 1-click 3-second conversational feedback.

In a shop, we converse and answer questions. The business learns from this engagement and gives what we want. This works because it is simple, quick and easy.

We are replicating this physical behavior in digital with our conversational feedback units. The engagement is intelligent, our algorithms learn from it and decide the next engagement - all this within 3 seconds. We call this conversational engagement.

Engage your users naturally.

conversational engagement
Generate Data (with what to engage)
- 1st platform to learn user-intent to deliver customer engagement (like Google learns intent to deliver Ads)
machine learning

Machine learning from conversational engagement

tapCLIQ's machine learning algorithms leverage intent & micro-moment data and 1st party & 3rd party data.

This is the core behind our Intelligent Marketing Engine, which provides consumers with a more personalized experience and marketers with great results.

Learn from your users and engage them intelligently. Add powerful next generation technology to your apps and websites.

Discover micro-moments to engage your audience

Micro-moments are logical break points or contextual events that occur during app / website usage when the users are most receptive.

tapCLIQ algorithms identify and predict micro-moments when user needs support or a promotion or at drop off. Learn behavioral micro-moments when user engages with brands. Discover micro-moments to engage your users, do not bombard them with marketing messages.

message blindness
micro moments

Generate Data (when to engage)
- 1st platform with infrastructure to define and discover micro-moments
ephemeral engagement units

Ephemeral engagement that does not annoy users

Deliver a short and quick engagement experience.

tapCLIQ's ephemeral units that do not occupy permanent real estate, show up at right micro-moments and disappear within seconds. This leads to a simply superior user experience.

Stop annoying users and dramatically improve engagement metrics for your business. It's a win-win for both.

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