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tapCLIQ's Interactive surveys provide exceptional user experience by targeting user's key micro-moments to gather feedback so that it can be leveraged to provide personalized recommendations in real-time for higher conversions, sales and retention.

Conversational Survey
Offer a more positive experience to users by asking relevant questions based on user's behavior.
Connected with Action
Generate more meaningful and contextual mobile engagement with right call for actions with each question and improve CX.
Data Driven
Understand your customers' intent better than ever with structured data analysis.
Cognitive Engagement
Learn from users and dynamically drive the right engagement for better outcomes with each interaction.

Maximize the opportunity to drive growth at every stage of your customer and prospect lifecycle with tapCLIQ's Interactive surveys

Recent study shows SMS survey feedback response rate of about 40% compared to only 24% for email survey. Another research shows an average survey abandonment rate of 70%.

Maximize the opportunity to drive growth at every stage of your customer and prospect lifecycle with tapCLIQ's Interactive surveys.

  • Grow User Retention

    Keep your users coming back to your app by intentionally engaging them at right micro-moments and providing them the highest value.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    Provide personalized, intelligent and intent based recommendations to drive sales, engagement and retention.
  • Increase User Engagement

    Increase user participation and conversion by pushing the right call for actions at the right moment.
  • Stronger Insights

    Obtain more detailed, contextual and actionable feedback by asking intelligent and probing questions. Understand trends and patterns for future improvements.
  • Improve NPS & CSAT

    Know what your users think of your app, products and services in a unique unobtrusive way. No annoying feedback loop, just a 5 second user experience to gather feedback on targeted micro-moments and in process improve NPS & CSAT.

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360° Feedback at every touchpoint of Employee & Customer Experience

Integrated data, insight & action using AI driven RPAs

  • High survey interaction, engagement and completion rates

  • Create the most potent 1st party data set

  • Connect feedback & other data with action automatically

Create actionable 1st party data set @ scale
4x Increase in Survey Completion

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