Enhanced eCommerce with Bots & RPAs

AUGUST 20 2020

What is Enhanced eCommerce?

Enhanced eCommerce are online stores using advanced engagement and conversion bots generating advanced data in analytics to understand and build customer journeys. eCommerce Analytics also enables them to identify issues from product discovery to conversions. Enhanced eCommerce also tracks CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) to retain and nurture online users.

tapCLIQ’s Advanced Analytics enables eCommerce to understand their users, Know their intent to come on their property (Buy / Browse). Identify drop-off points and link them to products or buying funnels. Get most out of your audience.

Generally only 2% of the audience converts online and companies don’t know why 98% are not buying. Team makes educated guess from simple analytics and mostly they don’t work. Therefore we launched our Advanced eCommerce Analytics for free so all eCommerce can identify issues with conversions, Create a virtual buying funnel, enable digital sales assistant, build audience micro-segments from their intent and enhance engagement and online experience for customers.

Advanced eCommerce Analytics + FrontOffice RPAs

  • Transparent Data Policy
  • Identify Funnel Issues
  • Analysis to improve Conversions and CAST
  • Bot to improve Engagement and Conversions

tapCLIQ is a SAAS for eCommerce

eCommerce needs strong analytics so they can identify problems at an early stage and take steps to overcome them. They need to understand their audience quickly and retain them.

tapCILQ enables eCommerce to get custom-made analytics for eCommerce. We have already identified touch points which can generate data @ scale.

  • eCommerce bots
  • Enhanced eCommerce
  • eCommerce analytics
  • Improve conversions

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