About us

tapCLIQ Vision

Our vision is to bring a paradigm shift in user engagement experience. Marketing for too long has been associated with bombardment of unwanted messages. We wish to break this and deliver a sophisticated, user driven, intelligent and not annoying experience.

tapCLIQ is providing a suite of engagement tools that developers and companies can use to drive conversational engagement, gain user insight and drive marketing intelligently.

We strive to offer an industrial strength software platform with enterprise grade features including intelligent machine learning. A platform that is sophisticated, yet simple and easy to use. And can be accessed in affordable packages or on a pay-for-use basis.

Our Aim:

Deliver outstanding value to customers

user experience
Best user experience
Best user experience that delights end users everyday.
Intelligent software
Intelligent software
A self learning platform that brings much needed innovation to 21st century marketing needs.
Enterprise grade features
Deliver enterprise grade features that are easily accessible to businesses of all sizes.
Engagement micro-services
Deploy only the services you need, and pay for what you use.
Fast start templates
No marketing experience needed to run campaigns. Lower cost of ownership.
Affordable pricing
Scalable pricing. Simple pricing. Customizable pricing. Pay for usage not users.

Customer First. Team First.

We are only as good as our team. Everything we intend to do, to bring value to our customers comes from team tapCLIQ. To continue to bring amazing innovations with a sustainable business model is our priority. For this, we are cultivating a committed, global workforce; that shares our values.

With these principles in mind, we have poured our life's experiences to create tapCLIQ - a lean company, with innovation to the core - from idea to product to pricing; one that changes and creates a market with thought leadership.

We hope our story resonates with yours and inspires you to deliver a better mobile marketing experience. We look forward to hear your suggestions to make things better at  support@tapcliq.com.


Chirantan Bhatt
Chirantan Bhatt
Founder and CEO

Focuses on product strategy, business development and everything else. 15+ years of experience at setting up operations for software business. Worked at SAP. Bachelor in Physics/Math. Masters in Business administration in Information systems/Finance.

Anant Patel
Anant Patel
Software Architect

Energizes our work on Apple iOS, Android, Spring Java, Amazon Cloud Infrastructure - EC2, S3, Load balancing, Auto-scaling, Databases and a host of other AWS services. Specializes in ad tech and scalable algorithms. A true startup guy, tries all new technologies. A software engineer, once a Microsoft intern. BE in Information Sciences from Bangalore, India.

Chintan Patel
Chintan Patel
Software Development

Leads our efforts in web technologies. A Bachelor in Information Technology and an avid student of the industry as he is well versed in open source framework like Spring, Spark & Code Ignitor, Java, ASP.NET, PHP, jQuery, AWS and MySQL. Worked at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Parth Joshi
Parth Joshi
Digital Marketing Manager

Manages digital marketing and client coordination. He has 5 + years of experience in client servicing and advertising. With 15 professional certifications, he is MBA with marketing specialization from New Delhi, India.

Susan Pirog
Susan Pirog
Sales Leader

Susan is a startup sales leader with over 20 years of experience selling innovative software solutions for early stage technology companies. Susan is a limited partner at NJTC Venture Fund (www.njtcvc.com).


Greg Osberg
Greg Osberg
Media Executive

Greg is an experienced digital media executive and print publisher. Osberg was the Publisher and CEO of Philadelphia Media Network which ran Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com. He has also served as President of Sales at Newsweek and CNET.

Bill Wohl
Bill Wohl
Marketing and Communications Executive

Bill is a highly-regarded marketing and communications executive with extensive breadth of experience in private and public sectors, corporate and agency environments, on a global scale. He was the Chief Communications Officer of Hewlett-Packard and SAP.

Brock Wetherup
Brock Wetherup
Entrepreneur & Venture Partner

Brock is a seasoned entrepreneur & business leader. He successfully grew Pet360 in to a community, media & e-commerce company and sold it to PetSmart for over $100 millions.

Darrell Gunter
Darrell Gunter
Scholarly Publication Executive

Darrell is a distinguish speaker and experienced scholarly publication thought leader. He was the executive at Reed Elsevier.


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