5 Benefits of tapCLIQ RPA for eCommerce

AUGUST 20 2020

tapCLIQ is a front office automation platform including front office RPAs. It provides Digital Sales Assistance that helps users across their purchase journey.

You can automate various process using tapCLIQ bots such as,

  • Product Discovery
  • Product Suggestions
  • Feedback
  • Support and more

You can find readymade templates for many such journeys in botmarket:

These bots are easy to create and implement and it generates user intent data @ scale. Usually any eCommerce can start and be running in just a week.

5 Benefits of tapCLIQ RPA Bots:

  1. Easy to create, Fast-start templates
  2. Low code implementation
  3. Generates Intent Data @ Scale
  4. Best remarketing tool
  5. Competitive pricing
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