Impact of Interactive Messaging

AUGUST 20 2020

In last decade, business over websites and mobile apps has grown tremendously. Also, the attention of businesses has moved from their product to their customers. Today, giving customers what they want, when they want and how they want are the primary goals for any online business.

Technology has helped us to understand our customers through analytics. It can tell us how customers interact with our website, from which sources they came to our website, how many pages did they browse and how much time did they spend per page. This data gives us the ability to understand user behavior, now with tapCLIQ interactive messages you can also interact back and forth with users on these behavior points.

tapCLIQ interactive messages allows you to ask users meaningful questions at different touchpoints and enable natural conversation which is customized for every user. With tapCLIQ you can help your customers in

  • Customer Hand Holding: Learn user intent and guide them to what they are looking for - product / content discovery and thereby driving conversions
  • Enhance User Engagement: Engage conversationally based on user’s current context without breaking their experience, increase page-views per visit, increase session time & enable intelligent push
  • Generate Marketing Intelligence: Collect real time feedback, measure marketing effectiveness, conduct market research & A/B Testing

    Before we used to analyze the data and make an educated guess of what our users want, with tapCLIQ you can ask your users and take action on their answer in real time. tapCLIQ provides personalization for every visitor/user and through conversational engagement finds out what users want and take action in real time.

tapCLIQ helps in improving user experience by providing them hand-held experience, asking questions to users and reacting on every answer, it acts like web assistant and improves customer journey which results in to happy & loyal users.

Static messages were the only option before tapCLIQ, static messaging systems can give one message with one call to action, but tapCLIQ’s interactive messages can give multiple 2-3 options in answers and separate call-to-action for each answer. tapCLIQ can makes user experience so personalized that it reminds them of experience they have in a physical store while speaking to a sales agent.

Ready-made templates / bots for various industries on tapCLIQ:


  • You can provide hand-holding experience to your customers for product discovery
  • Enable automated support and faq
  • Collect user choices and opinions at scale to provide better experience
  • Create audience micro-segments and enable personalization
  • Take product reviews conversationally which is not annoying
  • Enable conversational engagement. Help your customers move forward in buying funnel from consideration to purchase.


  • Guide employers and job-seekers in on-boarding and registration.
  • Personalize job suggestion
  • Enable paid content/job post promotions
  • Guide job-seekers in finding the right jobs
  • Assist in application process
  • Generate users opinion data and create microsegments
  • Have a deeper understanding of your audience and promote what is best for business with connected and interactive messages

Service Industry:

  • Enable automatic guidance bot on your apps or websites
  • know your audience
  • Enable automatic support
  • Learn user intent on your website and act on it automatically
  • adaptive feedback
  • mobile engagement
  • customer satisfaction
  • research

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