How intent & opinion based engagement helps you

AUGUST 20 2020

21st century feedback

  • 3 second experience
  • Distributed feedback collection
  • Adaptive feedback - Intelligently picks up from where you left
  • Native feedback collection
  • Self - learning
  • Directs marketing based on learning


  • People give more feedback
  • Run dialog with users
  • Your app / business is closer to your customers
  • Learn user intent and preference
  • Drive entire mobile engagement
  • Deliver engaged user

Customer messages:

  • Integrate it in all your apps and mobile websites
  • Use it for employee and customer apps
  • Drive personalization with unique segmentation
  • Use it to learn user interests, for employee feedback, customer satisfaction, and research

Powerful feedback technology that is incredibly easy to use

Powerful feedback technology that make users respond

  • adaptive feedback
  • mobile engagement
  • customer satisfaction
  • research

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