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tapCLIQ AI ChatBots are unique compared to all other ChatBots available in the market today

Click Based Interaction
Answer questions with a mouse-click instead of typing
Structured & Intent Data
Understand your customers' intent better than ever with structured data available for analysis
24/7/365 Availability
Never miss a chance to engage with your customer and save the cost of providing 24/7/365 human interaction.
Context Awareness
Dynamically adapt to customer's behavior to provide exceptional experience and maximize conversions.
Always Learning
Deliver better outcomes with each interaction. Grow knowledge base based on feedback and improve self-service capabilities.

Drive growth at every stage of your customer lifecycle with tapCLIQ's ChatBots

Recent studies show that 69% of consumers prefer to use ChatBots because they deliver quick answers and 56% of consumers prefer to message rather than call customer service.

Drive growth at every stage of your customer lifecycle with tapCLIQ's AI ChatBots

  • Automate up to 30% Processes

    Reduce customer support costs by automating repetitive task and providing quick self-service solutions to your customers.
  • Improve Customer Experience

    Provide personalized, intelligent and intent based recommendations to drive sales, engagement and retention.
  • Enhance Productivity

    Employees become more effective and productive by using automation tools.
  • Increase Conversion, CSAT & Engagement

    With quick and accurate response and recommendations, the customers stay engaged and satisfied.
  • Go Beyond Support

    Product Discovery, Lead Generation, Schedule Meetings.

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With a projected worldwide market size of more than $1.3 billion by 2024, chatbots will be a driving force for business communications.

Key competitive advantages of tapCLIQ

Mobile Marketing
Airship, Urban airship
Automation anywhere
tapCLIQ, Fron-office RPA
Text based chat / Image based chat NA Text Chat NA Text & Image Chat
Dynamic context switching NA Limited NA Unlimited
Notifications & Static messages in App/Web/Chat App/Web NA NA App/Web/Chat
Interactive messages NA NA
Front-office RPA / Back-office RPA NA NA Back-office RPA Front-office RPA
Repetitive / Intelligent Dynamic NA NA Repetitive Dynamic
Customers & Partners host bots & RPAs 2-3 own bots Marketplace Marketplace
1st party data generation - Intent/Moment/Action
Intent based targeting & automation
Partner Content & Support
TCS / EY / Capgemini / Accenture

Automate self-help scenarios and reduce agents

Behaviorally easier - Click-based & image-based interaction

  • Dynamic Context switching chatbots

  • Combined power of Front-office RPA with Chatbots

  • Active and prompted user engagement

2x Cost Savings Over traditional text-based chatbots
7x Front-office Task completions

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