NextGen user engagement technology

It's Front-office bot. Not a pop-up & not a chat bot.

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It's not a Pop-up. It's a Bot.

Interactive & intent-based bots & RPAs for Front-office processes

First platform to deliver intent based marketing

(like learns intent to deliver Ads)

Google delivers Ads after learning user-intent.
Similarly, tapCLIQ pioneers in delivering all in-app/website marketing & engagement based on learning from user-intent..

Discover micro-moments

to engage your audience

Micro-moments are logical break points or contextual events that occur during app / website usage when the users are most receptive.

tapCLIQ algorithms identify and predict micro-moments when user needs support or a promotion or at drop off. Learn behavioral micro-moments when user engages with brands. Discover micro-moments to engage your users, do not bombard them with marketing messages.

We have built a repository of micro-moments (that learns and constantly updates) when users are more likely to engage. tapCLIQ leverages this to deliver bots at the right moment.

Eliminate message blindness Eliminate
message blindness
Eliminate message blindness Increase

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Generate Data (when to engage)
1st platform with infrastructure to define and discover micro-moments

Usage pattern and engagement history

If a user is a returning user tapCLIQ Bot also considers prior engagements and user behavior to optimize engagement. If no history is available tapCLIQ dips into lookalike algorithm to deliver probabilistic engagement

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Usage pattern and engagement history
User context

User context

tapCLIQ considers number of contextual parameters to serve the most relevant bot to the user - that includes - Source where user came from (e.g., inorganically via google, Facebook, twitter etc.) and Content of the landing page

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