tapCLIQ with other SDKs

Steps to have tapCLIQ SDK ads work with other 3rd party SDK ads (without overlapping / conflict)

  1. Integrate tapCLIQ SDK in your project (http://tapcliq.com/support?catid=2#div1)
  2. Set up tapCLIQ ad view in the view controller of your app (view/screen in which you wish to display tapCLIQ ads)
    • In the view controller's .m file, where you want the tapCLIQ ad bar, import AdvBar.h:#import "AdvBar.h"
    • Put the below mentioned code in viewDidAppear.( Ad initialization followed by ad request notification, with your tag)
      if (tqAdView == nil) { 
      tqAdView = [[AdvBar alloc] initWithAppId:@"Your app Id" 
      origin:CGPointMake(x_axis_of_the_bar,y_axis_of_the_bar) from:self 
      // Based on the type of ad view you wish to integrate, adType can be @"Square_Ad" or @"FullScreen_Ad" or @"700x90" (Detail View of a SplitViewController) or @"1024x90" (Full Width) or @"Small_Ad" (for a 320x50 ad)
      tqAdView.tag =131313; 
      tqAdView.mydelegate = self; 
      [self.view addSubView: tqAdView]
    • Please set tqAdView object properties to nil in it's parent view controller's dealloc.
      - (void)dealloc 
      	tqAdView.timeOutForQuestion = nil; 
      	tqAdView.calledBy = nil;
      	tqAdView = nil;
  3. Now, on occurrence of certain registered moments in your app - when you wish to display tapCLIQ ad(s) –
    • Stop ads from other 3rd
    • On occurrence of the moment for which you wish to display tapCLIQ ad(s) – add below mentioned code
      if (tqAdView != nil) 
      	[tqAdView recordMoment:@"Moment_Name" 
      For Example:

      In order to display tapCLIQ ads at a moment when a ‘Product is selected’ in your retail app –

      - (void) productSelected: (id)sender 
      	if (tqAdView != nil) 
      		[tqAdView recordMoment::@”Product Selected” momentAttributes: [[NSDictionary 
      		dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: @”Product Name”, @”Running Shoes”, @”Brand”, @”Nike”];
    • Once ad(s) from tapCLIQ have been displayed; tapCLIQ ad view will hide automatically. Implement below mentioned optional delegate method to know when tapCLIQ ad View is removed
      - (void)removedT2RBar:(AdvBar*)bar 
      	// tapCLIQ ad view is about to be removed from the view.

      You can start showing 3rd party SDK ads again once tapCLIQ ad view is removed

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