Segment Users based on their preference or opinion

You can segment users based on their response to certain question (or a group of questions). In order to do this -

  1. Select get users - "Who have clicked"
  2. Select App or Brand whose users you wish to segment
  3. Select one or more questions and their responses - this will select users who have above preferences / opinions.

    To limit the sample of your data – choose from below mentioned criteria(OPTIONAL)
  • Start / End Dates: Select the period (to decide on a sample data) over which you wish to segment users.
  • Segment users by Time of day (Day Parting):
    Segment users based on the time when they are active. For e.g., with this you can create a segment of users who are active during commute hours, say, 7:00 – 9:00 and 17:00 – 19:00.
    And Click on "Get criteria to build segment" to get more segment criteria
  • Segment users based on their devices: Segment users based on their devices.

  • Segment users based on where they came from (for websites): Segment users based on the page referrer (this is for Website based targeting)

  • Segment users based on geo-location:
    • Specific countries

    • Zip codes or DMAs – e.g., United States (under country), Zip codes: 19103, 19107, 19146 etc.


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