A/B Testing OR Share Of Voice (SOV)

What is "Share of Voice" (SOV)?

- It is distribution percentage among campaigns with similar tags (keywords) and targeting

When do I need "Share Of Voice"?

- If you have multiple campaigns running with similar tags (keywords) and targeting, you might want to control the distribution percentage among those campaigns (i.e., number of times each campaign is displayed). You can do this by creating a Share of Voice group and assigning distribution percentage to each campaign in the group (as shown below).
Another use case for SOV is when you wish to rotate between different campaigns with similar tags & targeting

Sum of distribution percentages (% weights) should be exactly 100

Example use case -

Say, User wants to distribute 2 campaigns ((1 Question-Answer and 1 Image banner campaign), with similar tags and targeting in a way that Question campaign is displayed 25% of the times and image banner is displayed 75% of the times". To do this -

  1. Create a Share of Voice (SOV) group by clicking on Share of Voice under "Optimize" in left panel

  2. Select campaigns for which you want to specify distribution percentages.
    Campaigns that you select should have similar keywords (and ideally similar targeting)

  3. Specify distribution percentages for each campaign in the group.
    Sum of distribution percentages should be exactly 100.


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