Feedback Ad(s)

You can invoke feedback ads at various moments for e.g., when user completes a game level or completes an article / chapter or after certain app launches.

To display such feedback ads –

  1. Create Question-Answer campaign with feedback questions for your app. Provide them appropriate tags.


  2. Initialize 320x50 (or 700x90 ) ad view in article view for our example viewDidAppear method. (You should initialize it in view in which you wish to display feedback questions)


    - (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated {
    	if (adView == nil) {
    		adView = [[AdvBaralloc] initWithAppId:@"bef99647d04b44ec90c327a5ab599eec"origin:CGPointMake(2.0,1075.0 - 95.0) 
    		// Based on the type of ad view you wish to integrate adType can be @"700x90" (Landscape: 704x90 / Portrait: 768x90) or @"1024x90" (Full Width) or @"Small_Ad" (for a 320x50 ad)
    		adView.tag =232323;
    		adView.mydelegate = self;



    Use your app Id & ad unit Id received on registering this app and this screen (ad zone) in place of: initWithAppId:@"bef99647d04b44ec90c327a5ab599eec"and adUnitId:34


  3. Post an ad trigger when user completes an article (or game level in another scenario) with tags that match feedback campaigns you wish to display.


    - (void)articleCompleted {
    	float bottomEdge = scrollView.contentOffset.y + scrollView.frame.size.height;
    	if (bottomEdge >= scrollView.contentSize.height) {
    		// we are at the end
    		if(adView != nil) {
    			NSDictionary *dict = [[NSDictionaryalloc] initWithObjects: [NSArrayarrayWithObject:@"rate,feedback"] forKeys: 	
    			// Pass comma separated tags that match campaigns you wish to display, in place of "rate"
    			[[NSNotificationCenterdefaultCenter] postNotificationName:@"CustomTrigger"object: selfuserInfo: dict];
    - (void)dealloc {
    	adView.timeOutForQuestion = nil;
    	adView.calledBy = nil;
    	adView = nil;



  4. Another scenario could be completion of a game level – wherein you can pass level specific tags with feedback tag to display appropriate feedback questions. (Note: It is necessary to have feedback campaigns (QA campaign with feedback questions) with matching tags)


    - (void)levelFinished:(NSString *)tags {
    	if(adView != nil) {
    		NSDictionary *dict = [[NSDictionaryalloc] initWithObjects: [NSArrayarrayWithObject:tags forKeys: [NSArrayarrayWithObject:@"Tags"]];  
    		// Tags could be level4,feedback or level6,feedback etc. Similarly for displaying feedback questions on particular app launches tags could be launch20,feedback 
    		[[NSNotificationCenterdefaultCenter] postNotificationName:@"CustomTrigger"object: selfuserInfo: dict];



Example Ads:

Feedback Ad being displayed when user finishes an article–


Feedback Ad displayed after user pays for his coffee –

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