To create Connected Messages

Connected campaign – is a set of campaigns inter-linked in a conversational flow.

In order to create a connected campaign of different sizes (for unit size greater than 320 x 50):

  1. Create individual campaigns of your choice from – Question campaigns, Rich messages and Survey campaigns (in total at least 2 or more).
  2. Please Note:
    • Each campaign should have only 1 Question (for Research and Question campaign)
    • Keep option links and banner links blank (while creating any of these individual campaigns)

  3. To build connections between these campaigns in a conversational flow –Go to one of the campaigns that should be displayed first. This campaign should be one of the Research Unit campaign or a Question –Answer campaign.
  4. Now link each option to the URL of the campaign you wish to display when user clicks on that option.
  5. Continue this process for each linked campaign (till you have the flow you wish the user to go through).
  6. When you want to end the conversation flow – either
    • a) Do not link the option to anything OR link it to a web page url / final action url (app download, call etc.) OR
    • b) Leave the option link blank
    • Both cases will end user’s conversation flow (connected message flow)

    Example of Connected campaign:

    In order to get above conversational flow – option links were set in respective campaigns as shown below:

    First campaign:

    Second campaign -(First option link of first campaign):

    Third campaign (Second option link of first campaign):


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