Analyze user behavior and feedback for mobile marketing automation.

User insight

Gain valuable insight from tapCLIQ's user preference and intent data combined with machine learning algorithms that predict engagement moments, to provide personalized user experience.


User opinion

Leverage tapCLIQ's user opinion data to drive real-time personalization and highly targeted mobile engagement.


Segmentation - advanced targeting

Segment users by their opinion, micro-moments, geography and much more. User segments can be created from data over a specific period or automated over a rolling period to include latest audience that fit your criteria.

  • Behavioral (User Moments)
  • User Affinity (Preference)
  • User Opinion
  • Demographic
  • Traffic Source
  • Time of day
  • Geo Location (Macro and Micro - including iBeacon)

Real-time marketing automation

A)  Automate percentage distribution of multiple campaigns across same target audience through tapCLIQ's "Share of Voice".

B)  Control your daily spend and campaign frequency in real time.


App and marketing optimization

A / B test app UI, app features or marketing campaigns on the fly.


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