tapCLIQ User API

This API can be used to import user data to tapCLIQ. Max no. of user objects per request is 50.


Data for 2 users, one with Facebook info and other with twitter info along with their emails.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data ' 
    "usersListAPI":  [ 
	{  "email" : "abc@gmail.com", 
	    "username": "xyz",
	    "tags":  "sports,business",
	    "phone": "484-378-2209",
	    "tq_fb": {"fb_id": "21345678","fb_access_token": "xyashvk783634","fb_token_expiration": "1352419328"},
	    "unique_token" : "23fgthdy"
	{  "email" : "sdf@yahoo.com", 
	   "username": "sdf",
	   "tags":  "fashion",
	  "tq_twitter": {"twitter_id": "","twitter_screen_name":"", "app_consumer_key" : "","consumer_secret": "","auth_token": "","auth_token_secret": ""},
	  "unique_token" : "123asdthdy"
}' https://webportal.tapcliq.com/tapcliqweb/usersapi/post 				

Details of each user object in the usersListAPI :

(email and unique token for each user are mandatory all other values are optional)

	"email" : "user's email address"
	"username": "user's user name on your platform"
	"tags":  "comma separated tags associated with this user"
	"phone": "phone number in the form of string" 
	"tq_fb": {
		 "fb_id": "users fb id number"    // in string format
		"fb_access_token": "authorized fb access token for this user"
		"fb_token_expiration": "token expiration date"
	"tq_twitter": {
		"twitter_id": "user's twitter id number" // in string
		"app_consumer_key" : "your app's consumer key"
		"consumer_secret": "your app's consumer secret"
		"auth_token": "authorized twitter token for user with your app"
		"auth_token_secret": "secret associated with the auth_token"
	"unique_token" : "unique number_or_string that identifies this user on your platform"


  • User API access is limited to 200 requests per hour for non-enterprise accounts
  • Please contact us at support@tapcliq.com if you need to increase API limits



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