Create Product for Private Marketplace (PMP)

  1. Select "Products" under "My Properties" from left hand side panel.
  2. Click on "Create Product":

  3. Enter basic information pertaining to your Product:
    • Product Name - Product name for your reference.
    • Product Description - you can describe the product in detail to provide more information on this product.
    • App - Select an app name in which you wish to run this product.
    • Ad Units - Select ad-unit/ad-units which should be a part of this product.
    • Ad Unit Description - You can provide more information on the ad unit selected.
    • Ad Type - You can select either Question or Banner or Decision Tree or Text Message as the ad type that will be displayed in the selected.
    • App Tags - Tags that describe the selected app. This helps in delivering contextual ads to your app.
    • Moment - Select a moment for when or where the ad should be displayed, for example: displaying ad at the end of the article or display ad when the page loads.
    • Day parting-Time of day (Hours) - The time of the day during which these ads should be displayed
    • Segmentation Group - Use our smart analytics to create and target specific group of users (e.g., Users belonging to top 5 locations OR users who are active during particular time frame OR users with specific interest tags)
    • Available on - Select the option either Private marketplace or Tapcliq marketplace (not yer available) where you want to list or sell this product.
        • If you select Private marketPlace,
      • i. Fixed rate - Enter the rate in US dollars in terms of CPM(Cost per thousand views) ii. Minimum Purchase - The minimum amount in US dollars with which the buyer needs to purchase.
    • Sales Reps - Select the names of the sales representatives through whom you want to be able to sell this product.


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