Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking of your ad campaign (i.e., when user performs a desired action after clicking on your ad campaign) – wherein, conversion can be a purchase, a phone call, download or any other desired action that the user would perform on a webpage.

To set up this conversion tracking:

  1. Click on "Generate" Conversion tag link against the campaign for which you wish to generate a conversion tag

  2. A pop-up screen appears, wherein, you select your conversion type (this will be used to group conversions in analytics) and click on "Get Conversion tag"

  3. Conversion tag for this campaign would appear below the button

  4. Now add below mentioned script tag in the head section of the parent webpage in which action to be considered as conversion would be performed (e.g., click on a download button, or click on add to cart button)

  5. To track conversion, call below mentionedJavascript function when the desired action is performed


    Depending on your use case you can call the function either on a button click OR page load


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