How -To Register Ad Unit

What is an Ad unit?

An ad Unit is a single ad view that is integrated in an app screen or a web page. Each ad view should be registered separately. Individual ad unit registration gives you granular control over the ads that are displayed in them.

To Register Ad / Engagement Unit for app or website :


  1. Select "My Properties" from left menu panel
  2. Select "My Ad / Engagement units"

  3. Click on "Register Ad / Engagement Unit"
    1. Give your ad / engagemnt unit a name - this is used to refer it on web portal
    2. Give tags pertaining to the content / context of the screen / web page in which the ad/engagement unit is integrated. Note: Tags are used to serve relevant ads / engagement
    3. Select App or Website for the unit and Unit size

    NOTE: Newly added Ad unit is available under Ad units list. You can add as many ad units as you want.

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