Shopify eCommerce Bots & RPA

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in a single solution.

Optimize growth at every stage of shopping journey

1st intent-driven engagement automation platform.





Smart eCommerce store with digital sales assistant

Offer your shoppers with a unique shopping experience with our eCommerce sales & acquisition bots

35+ bots

and counting...

tapCLIQ offers 35+ best eCommerce and acquisition bots for shopify stores.

We continue to launch new Bots and enhance existing Bots. We value our customers' feedback and we prioritize our development schedule accordingly.

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  • Maximize your Shopify Investment

    Transform how you interact with your customers

    • Enhance Customer Experience
    • Gain insights on shopper's contextual behavior
    • Engage with shoppers with relevant products & services
  • Rapid Deployment

    Easy, fast & disruption free implementation

    • Readymade Bots
    • Customizable to match your Shopify design
    • Low code and low touch solution package for Shopify

Shopify eCommerce Bots & RPA

Mobile / Desktop
Low code
Rapid deployment
Fast ROI
Cost savings
  • All-in-one CX automation with 35+ readymade bots & playbooks
  • Download best eCommerce & acquisition bots

- Product Discovery Bot

- Fumble Assistance Bot

- Cart Abandonment Bot

- Promotions Bot

- Feedback Bot

- Customer Support Bot

- Customer Satisfaction Bot

+ more bots...

  • Customize Bots to match your brand
  • E-Mail support at no extra cost

Additional services:

Rapid Deployment Service (RDS) available
Bot optimization service available
Ability to create custom bots and RPA playbooks

Enterprise grade eCommerce with 35+ bots for a great all-in-one price.

Starting at $100 / month

Buy on Shopify Free 14 Days Trial

Value of tapCLIQ bots vs. other apps

tapCLIQ bots are interactive, intelligent & automate multiple tasks vs. static, one task apps

for all bots

Add/remove bots
anytime without disruption

site load times


eCommerce bots in 1 package



Other apps prices
Guided seller
Product discovery
Kapful-product discovery popup


Fumble assistant
Personalized recommendations


Product suggestion
Easy suggestions


Conversion optimization
Cross-sell recommend products


In cart up-sell


Cart reminder
Abandoned cart reminder


Cart abandonment
Consistent cart - abandon cart


Customer satisfaction
Product feedback
Emojics product reviews


Experience feedback
Feedback scale


Customer support


FAQ accordions


Survey Bot
Survey & poll | feedback forms


Promotion bot
Ultimate special offers


Lead generation bot
Justuno pop ups & CRO tools


+ many more bots.



  • Unique Analytics

    Unparallel insights into what customer wants

    • Access to 1st party structured data
    • Ready to use reports & dashboards for shopify stores
    • Actionable insights to improve CX, sales and conversions
  • Go beyond B2C

    Jumpstart your digital Front-Office automation journey

    • Seamless integration across shopify landscape
    • Scale across your organization & geographies
    • Extend to B2B, B2E, employee productivity and more process areas

The future of user engagement is what users want and not what they have to endure.

Frequently asked questions

1. Download tapCLIQ in shopify store

2. Signup on

3. Register your app / website in my properties on tapCLIQ dashboard

4. Go to tapCLIQ Bot Market and look for bots templates that you want to enable on your app / website and download them

5. You can see your downloaded campaigns in your campaign on tapCLIQ dashboard

6. Customize the bots by editing them.

7. Generate campaign tag and place it on your website wherever you want this bot to appear

After you sign up, you get access to all features for 14 days for free. Trial includes 3000 MAUs (10,000 impressions). No credit card is required to start your trial, so you can try tapcliq with no strings attached.

MAUs or Monthly Active Users is a count of unique users who visit your website within the past month.

tapCLIQ bot market is online marketplace where we have build Playbooks according to various journeys, for every Playbook we have created Customizable Bots which can be downloaded and customized as per your requirement.

1. Free signup / login

2. Open: Web Portal

3. Click on signup for new registration

4. Enter email and create password

5. Check your registered email account – Confirm your email

6. You will be taken back to login page

7. Enter login details to get started!

Download the lead bot from the bot market.

Customize the bot on your dashboard in campaigns.

Enable bot on page where you want to capture leads.

Anytime a tapCLIQ engagement unit is displayed on your website, it is considered as 1 impression

You will be charged separately with additional MAU as per your plan.

Approximately it will be $10 - 1000 MAU - 4000 Bot Impressions.

You will be charged separately with additional bot impressions as per your plan.

Approximately it will be $10 - 1000 MAU - 4000 bot impressions.

1. Analyze which customer journeys you want to automate.

2. Decide steps in every journey.

3. Checkout bot-market for readymade bots.

4. Download those bots and you will be able to see them in campaigns on your dashboard.

5. Customize your bots by editing campaigns as per your requirement.

1. Download the Survey bot from the bot market.

2. Customize the bot on your dashboard in campaigns.

3. Define 3-5 steps of your survey.

4. Connect bots & your survey is ready.

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