Get real response from your users continuously|for every business decision

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Bring natural conversational feedback to your apps & websites

  • Basic feedback
  • Ratings
  • Polls
  • Survey
  • Research

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conversational feedback

3 seconds experience

Do not annoy users with ephemeral units.

Intelligent adaptive units

Drive next engagement algorithmically.

Generate personal data

Understand user intent at scale.

Turn insight into action

Drive higher conversions & completions.


Affordable user feedback for all apps and websites.

Get it for $20/mo   See usecases

User feedback

Smart feedback

Intelligent way to collect contextual, real time user input.

Simple & easy

Ready-made templates to get started in 10 minutes.


Ask 15,000 users for $20.
Get 1 answer < $1.

Best user experience

No annoying forms,
1 click answers.


The future of user research. Get more responses & insights for every business decision.

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Advanced tools

Intelligent adaptive units drive high completion rates.

Embed natively

Engage users at contextually relevant moments.

Ask your users, no panel

Get real response from real users.

Get insight for all decisions

Marketing effectiveness sentiment analysis customer satisfaction, employee survey etc.

By far the easiest tool to collect user feedback without annoying users or breaking user's experience.


∾ J Smith, GlaxoSmithKline.


Helps us stay on top of user's pulse and provides actionable insights with intelligent market-research and surveys.


∾ S Pitts, HighWire.