Enable digital assistance with multi-channel bots


Go beyond ChatBots.
Enable bots that work directly on apps and websites.


AppBots, WebBots, ChatBots

Automate tasks across customer journey

Create bot playbooks with interactive messages

Create bot playbooks

with interactive messages

Playbook is a collection of bots or interactive messages that reside on individual pages, that are connected with each other, guiding customers through their journey.
Create bots with bot builder

Create bots

with bot builder

Bot is an interactive tool on a webpage that helps customer with what they want.

Create bots for B2B, B2C and B2E processes


Guided Seller playbook

Assists user through their shopping experience


Provide hand-holding experience to users at different stages and help them to make a purchase


Show similar products or most loved products and give your users a choice before buying


Bot that captures users feedback in 5 seconds / unobtrusively


Helps your users and sellers in the onboarding process


Helps your users and solve most of their quarries related to the general buying process


Chat bots that handels users initial quarries on chat

Employee Productivity

Bot hand-holds employess through various processes and tasks

Lead Gen

Bot that helps generate qualified leads - with couple of contextual questions followed by email collection

Meeting scheduling

Bot that helps schedule meetings with 1 click


Features and Benefits

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